Monday, October 3, 2016

Lace, Pleather, and Leopard (and Shiny Shorts)

The very beginning of a new season can throw you and your closet though a loop. It feels like yesterday when I bought a new pair of (shiny) shorts with the mindset that summer was going to last forever. Well, newsflash, it doesn't, and, surprise, you won't have many occasions to wear your shiny shorts (what?!). Clearly upset, I decided I was going to wear the shorts at least once before I retired them for next year. It wasn't THAT cold out yet- plus shorts are basically casual skirts, right? 
I paired my J. Galt USA shorts from Brandy Melville with black tights, black velvet booties from Steve Madden, a cropped Ramones tee from Brandy Melville, and an H&M pleather jacket that I thrifted from Crossroads for a solid $15 (every leather jacket should never be bought new, it goes against the whole rocker aesthetic).
Here's an alternative outfit styled around the shorts. The halter is once again, Brandy Melville, and shoes are Christian Siriano for Payless (a super underrated high low collaboration, I must add).
I also want to include this next outfit because I think the two go nicely together. I mixed textures and patterns to create a layered, interesting, and edgy look.
I'm wearing a leopard Anne Taylor shift dress thrifted from Crossroads for $15, floral black tights, and black booties from Forever 21.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Trend Alert: How to Wear a Silk Scarf like a Parisian this Fall 2016

Recently I've become obsessed with Parisian style- a phase that every New York woman goes through from time to time. Despite ever actually having gone to Paris, I know a classic outfit when I see one.
Hair tied in a loose pony, basic black long sleeve tee, and skirt from Brandy Melville.
The key to easy sophistication is simple: a pretty silk scarf tied ever so imperfectly around your neck. A fun and colorful scarf will bring life to the serious and muted tones that inhabit your fall wardrobe. Look for bold patterns and colors that you normally would not wear on any other article of clothing. The scarf is a statement piece, meant to bring life to otherwise basic fall clothes.

Transition from summer to fall 2016 with this go-to outfit: a long sleeve tee, high-waisted skirt, booties, and of course, a scarf. 

My scarf is from The Style Shop at FIT. The Style Shop is trendy and affordable, student-run store that sells vintage, hand-made, and industry pieces. I love supporting my school so I try and shop here often.

The design on my scarf is of a little cafe, presumably in Paris... how fitting!
Earrings are also getting bolder (and older) this fall, so hop on Etsy and start searching for "unique grandma earrings". The studs I'm wearing are from Bauble Bar, which has a great selection of affordable statement earrings.

I adore these black velvet booties from Steve Madden. The heels are the perfect size for feeling tall but also being able to successfully scale the New York pavements.
Cam and Emma are such troopers. They let me dress them up like little Parisian prototypes for this shoot. I love them.
Emma is wearing a black button up shirt, and a khaki skirt from Urban Outfitters.
A close up of Emma's blue and gold scarf
Super skinny scarf!
Cam is wearing a long sleeve black tee, denim skirt from Zara, and a scarf from TJ Maxx.

Paisley navy and light blue 

Cute denim sandals leftover from summer can still work for those warm fall days where you just really wanna show off your pedicure!
Cam and Emma chatting it up in a cafe in Paris (Just kidding- that's our school garden.) 

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

NYFW Street Style Diary

Hey guys! I'm so excited to recap my first experience at NYFW. FIT has given me the amazing opportunity to volunteer at Fashion Week, but my favorite part was lurking outside with my camera trying to get in on some of the street style action.

Here's some of my favorite street style looks I've snapped:

Girl Squad Goals
Parisian Pink. Love her killer accessories- the camera strap and phone case are perfect.

Ripped jeans and stilettos never fail.

The couple that styles together, stays together. In love with the neutrals, olive greens (peep the green Adidas stripes on her shoes- attention to detail is V important). His shimmery gold pants are also cool.

Rose Shimmer. This look combines two of the hottest trends this season: metallics and the color blush.

Model-Off Duty, meet Red Lips. Ever since Gigi wore the look it's been considered socially acceptable to wear red lips with casual clothes and athleisure.
Designer Kie Saint Laurent (right)

Parisian Pink (Again) Note the unlit cigarette used solely as an accessory.
Model on a cigarette break. Love the salon flips.
The Coolest Little Girl in the Entire World. Her mom is obviously awesome too.
Neutral Sophistication
70's Steampunk pt. 1
70's Steampunk pt. 2

Kitty Yin Yang Tee
"They don't make fun suits for men."
"I snuck into Anna Sui and got her swag bag."

Futuristic Nostalgia. Obsessed with the metallic futuristic look paired with the nostalgic 90's trend of a white tee layered under a dress.

Embellished Choker. One of the few chokers I saw on the street. Love the satin plum romper and Chanel bag.

"It took us a while to coordinate this." Their friend giving the finger in the background completes the look.

Solid Prints and 70's Silhouettes

Whites and Creams + the Classic Red Lip
Color Blocked pt. 1
Color Blocked pt. 2

Modern Princess 
Olive Toned
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

90's Revival Spaghetti Straps Over Tees

Hey guys! Lately I've been obsessing over this 90's trend: spaghetti straps over tees. I've been playing around with this look a lot, and this outfit is definitely one of my favorite creations as of late. Disclaimer: this will mainly be a picture post. As you can tell it was a really slow evening at work.. :)
The shoot began pretty normal...

The dress was a bit big on me, so I tied it in the back with my hairband. I think the result was actually pretty cute!
...Then the strap fell off.

In conclusion: off-the-shoulder tops, spaghetti strap dresses, heels, and cameras make for great entertainment on a slow work day.

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Liz Donohue