Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So, what is a Streetwalker?

Hey guys! My name's Liz and it's currently the summer going into my freshman year of college. I'll be studying photography at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

I want to keep record of my fashion, photography, and overall experience in this crazy and wonderful city. I'm going to create a blog because I've tried keeping a journal, and quite frankly, it's a pain to read my handwriting.

So, why Streetwalker? A Streetwalker is someone who is inspired by her/his surroundings (ideally on the street). Whether it be style, photography, or life, a Streetwalker lives and breathes the diverse culture of the city. A Streetwalker may not be front row at NYFW, but will wait outside for hours snapping street style shots of the fashion influencers coming and going. I consider myself a Streetwalker.

I can only imagine what amazing experiences are to come.

Yours truly,
Liz Donohue

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