Friday, January 27, 2017

Skirt Suits + Silver Booties + a Pop of Red

We have a busy month ahead of us! After a very relaxing January, there are a lot of exciting events to take on. February brings the beginning of a new semester, New York Fashion Week, and Valentine's day.  I wanted to style two romantic, sophisticated, and practical looks inspired by this busy upcoming month.

The 1st look:

A matching red and black jacket and skirt, paired with silver booties to bring a more modern touch to an otherwise retro look.

A note on skirt suits...

Karl Lagerfeld made one thing for sure at the Chanel Couture Spring '17 show: the return of the skirt suit is among us. In the 80's it was a powerful symbol for ladies entering the work force. 2017 is the perfect time for women to bring back this empowering, retro look.

The 2nd Look:

Add a pop of color on a rainy New York day with this classic red windbreaker. I love it paired with these metallic boots.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Field Photoshoot with Nat

Hey guys! This post is going to be a little different because, for the first time ever, I'm going to be sharing a bit of my fashion photography work with you.  For me fashion and photography are closely related. They both help me express and understand my personal style. Styling models, scouting locations, experiencing unexpected surprises along the way, are all a part of the magic that is behind every single photoshoot. It is for these reasons that I continue to take pictures and document my world.

 I want to share with you my most recent shoot, which is one that I did with my friend and talented model, Natalie Belluccia.

Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Magic of Audrey Helpburn and Stripes

For me, winter is the toughest season to dress for. As a perpetually freezing person, I find myself covering up in the same, boring black coat indoors and out. I am obsessed with street style (hence the name of this blog, Streetwalker), and the idea of constantly being seen in the same thing for months on end is bland to me. However, because I cannot change the climate of the state of New York, I am stuck with the challenge of dressing for the winter months.

Beneath my boring black coat, I like to keep it classy and sophisticated, avoiding massive sweaters as much as possible.

The Look:

The off-the-shoulder long sleeve top is the perfect solution for wanting to stay warm but still look sexy. A girl's gotta show a little shoulder sometimes.
The Inspo:
Audrey Hepburn + stripes = chic, effortless, sexy; aka Parisian

Striped shirt from American Eagle, Ripped Boyfriend Jeans from Brandy Melville, and Black Booties from Steve Madden

You almost can't even tell I'm frozen!
So, moral of the story is, I hate huge sweaters and will fight the cold as much as possible, pretending my pinned pictures of tropical vacations are my reality for the next few months...


Saturday, January 14, 2017

OOTD: Camo Trend

Can't even see me. #camouflaged.  

2016 may be over but the lace-up trend is not. I styled this outfit around this adorable Brooklyn Karma camo lace-up tee from Mixology. I'm always looking for ways to wear my clothes from day to night. This tee can be worn casually, with jeans, or paired with a skirt for a night out. The outfit is the perfect mix of chic and edgy, casual and put-together. It's effortless and cool.
You can shop the outfit below:
Clayton Jessa Skirt
Jack by BB Dakota Joline Faux Suede Jacket
Brooklyn Karma Camo Lace-Up Tee

Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment- Recap of First Semester, and Ending 2016

Hey guys! As 2016 comes to a close, and we begin 2017, I want to do a little recap on the most eventful part of 2016: my first semester at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

I come from a small, suburban Long Island town. Even though I'm close to the city, it definitely was a huge change for me to finally live in manhattan. The first night I slept in my dorm, I woke up, walked outside, and felt unlike I ever have before. For the first time I felt like I was a part of something greater.

Then I had my Carrie Bradshaw Moment.

It happened when I was shooting street style pics for Fall New York Fashion Week. I was posing in front of Moynihan Station, and my friend Will was taking pictures. Suddenly every other photographer started taking my picture. I was posing and smiling, and shamelessly blushing for the camera. In that moment, I was Carrie Bradshaw.

I wanted to experience every bit of New York City that I could. It was pure bliss and hard work up until around midterms. I burned out a lot of my energy on tests, projects, my boyfriend, and friends.  I challenged my style of photography, questioned my major. I had wine-nights-in, and went to clubs where I even got to see my friend hook up with Jake Miller. I finally got to hear those last three words Amy Sherman Palladino has been hinting towards in the Gilmore Girls Revival Season.  I spent a lunch with my mom crying because I suddenly realized I did not know one recipe to cook on my stove. I discovered HaloTop ice cream has a lot of protein, but not enough to consist of a sound dinner.

In other words: it was the best of times and it was the worst of times.

I realized that yes, I can do it all. But maybe not all in one semester. I slowed my pace down. I did my work, got more sleep, and really listened to photographers who spoke to my classes. They inspired me to keep going, even when it felt like I was at a standstill.

In addition to my photography jobs, modeling opportunities came to me, and I gladly took them. I walked in Lily Ray Designs' jewelry fashion show for the Fitness Youtuber's Retreat at Workville. I walked in Sarah Lauren Designs' show for the RAW Artists Brooklyn event. 

In terms of love and personal success, 2016 has been pretty eventful. I have grown so much in these 6 months, and have met so many wonderful and influential people. I can't even imagine what 2017 has in store for us...