Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Magic of Audrey Helpburn and Stripes

For me, winter is the toughest season to dress for. As a perpetually freezing person, I find myself covering up in the same, boring black coat indoors and out. I am obsessed with street style (hence the name of this blog, Streetwalker), and the idea of constantly being seen in the same thing for months on end is bland to me. However, because I cannot change the climate of the state of New York, I am stuck with the challenge of dressing for the winter months.

Beneath my boring black coat, I like to keep it classy and sophisticated, avoiding massive sweaters as much as possible.

The Look:

The off-the-shoulder long sleeve top is the perfect solution for wanting to stay warm but still look sexy. A girl's gotta show a little shoulder sometimes.
The Inspo:
Audrey Hepburn + stripes = chic, effortless, sexy; aka Parisian

Striped shirt from American Eagle, Ripped Boyfriend Jeans from Brandy Melville, and Black Booties from Steve Madden

You almost can't even tell I'm frozen!
So, moral of the story is, I hate huge sweaters and will fight the cold as much as possible, pretending my pinned pictures of tropical vacations are my reality for the next few months...


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