Thursday, March 23, 2017

Interview with Photographer Oliver Jaskowski

Recently I came in contact with an artist I have admired for a while: photographer Oliver Jaskowski. Oliver Jaskowski, aka @Olie_Jas on Instagram, is currently based in Portland, Oregon. He is finishing his first year at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and I had the honor of interviewing him.

What inspired you to choose photography over other artistic mediums?

Honestly, I don't think photography is my only medium of choice. I've almost finished my first year of art school. It really has opened me up to new things that I had no idea I'd be into such as sculpture or 3D design. But photography is always the one I come back to. I'm not sure if there is a real flat out reason why but it just brings me joy. It keeps me active and exploring and on my toes always looking and observing. Film photography does that and more for me because I can physically work with my hands to get the end result I'm looking for.

Is that why you shoot mainly film? Because it's a very hands-on process?

Yes, I enjoy the process from trying to imagine what you have just photographed and trying to judge how to capture, it so it turns out the way you want. Most of all I love developing. I enjoy that a lot. The excitement to finally find out what you really captured is fascinating, but printing in the darkroom, however, is not my thing.

I totally understand that.  The darkroom is a very technical and controlled environment, and one mistake can be detrimental. Similarly, when shooting, are you a planner, or do you shoot more 'in the moment'?

Usually in the moment. It's a little weird to explain, but I kind of see photos while they are happening, rather than having a specific idea and a plan ahead of time. If I do plan a shoot, it might just be like a location or an outfit or model.

You can see more of Oliver Jaskowski's work at:
Follow his Instagram: @olie_jas

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